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It is that time of the year again when young leaders at higher-education institutions are invited to apply for the 2018 Young Leaders Initiative (YALI) – Mandela Washington Fellowship. The applications will be open from 13 September to 11 October 2017.

YALI is inviting young African leaders between the ages of 25 and 35 to be part of the Mandela Washington Fellowship. The application process is open to all South African passport holders. The selection process will be on a merit basis; applicants will not be discriminated against on the basis of colour, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability. Semi-finalists will be interviewed by the US Embassy.

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Invitation: PolHisSoc Colloquial Series

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How Japan sees the World: A view from the Mass Media



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Prof Virgil Hawkins (Ossaka University) on 18 August 2017!

“How Japan sees the World: A view from the mass media”

The Japanese media is highly insular, devoting not more than ten percent of the quantity of news (broadcast and print) to world affairs. Within this limited amount of foreign news, there is a large imbalance, with certain regions and certain types of news receiving considerably more attention than others. Africa is one of the most marginalized regions of the world in the Japanese media. Furthermore, the little coverage that there is imbalanced within the continent, and disproportionately focused on the topic of armed conflict. The implications of this state of affairs are an absence of, as well a distorted image regarding, the continent in both public and policy consciousness, which results in a failure to give due consideration to Africa in the formulation and execution of foreign policy. This seminar quantitatively examines the levels and content of coverage of Africa in the Japanese media and discusses the implications of the results.

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